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Monday, April 13, 2009

(Oh My Blog!) Allen Texas Newborn & Children's Photographer

I know I've not even said a Peep (some Easter pun for ya) in weeks and I apologize.  I was sick for about 2.5 weeks with a nasty lingering respiratory and sinus infection and I felt like death warmed up at times.  I started feeling better.. then came the coughing.  Oh, the cough, cough, cough...  and I thought my ribs were on fire!  Some of the clients that called me were greeted with a hoarse sounding creature that spoke every-other-syllable, then I just let voicemail get the rest when I had almost no voice left :)  I'm just about better now and ready for some (portrait) action!  I've got several newborns due- or coming home soon and other sessions as well.  I still have 1 Newborn campaign spot open, so look me up if you are due in the next few weeks- or know of anyone who is, just let them know to email me asap.   

I'd post an Easter photo from our one-man egg hunt, but they're still in the camera, so I'll get one up this week.  My son is still holding on to a couple of eggs that my husband and I dyed and he hugs and kisses it when we 'let' it out of the fridge.  Oh, the toddler fun.  At least he's stopped talking about Halloween and punkins and scar-ry goats. Finally...  It's April.

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