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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Along The Way

My son never ceases to amaze me. He is now 20 months old and some where along the way he got older, taller, louder, more independent and now he's just trying to help out. Over the last couple of days, I have photographed him doing the things that he loves to do each and every day. The little things are so easy to take for granted and I wanted to document them in such a way so I don't ever forget them- in Lifestyle Portraiture. They are black & white, grainy and a have whole lot of life.

Like I said- he's a big helper. He helps break in my shoes even before breakfast.

and helps unload the dishwasher

he pauses to line up his toy trucks in the window, then gazes out at the plants he helped me pot the day before

look how perfectly he lines up my pots and pans!

making iced tea (note dripping spoon)

he stacks up the cans with amazing precision

he really tried so hard to get this plant across the kitchen floor

well deserved- he was a huge helper today

showing dad all the bath bubbles he can hold

Well, that's my Camden. He's a sweet, humorous, thumb sucking, affectionate, curious, playful, mischievous, impatient, loveable, silly, book loving, master imitator who completely makes my heart melt. I Hope you enjoyed this little piece of my life. I do every day.


Gemini said...

What an interesting concept! I think it is so intuitive of you to record the little things that life seems to blur over time when reflecting back on your child's early years. I know I'll always want to remember the "Little Moments" that mean so much albeit how humble they truly are.

Now I really can't wait to have my own children! Thank God my best friend is the truest form of an artist I know. Your photography has evolved so much over the years and I have really enjoyed watching your artistic expression bloom. Now everyone's personal family memories can benefit from your vision. I know mine will...

You're the best B!


Anonymous said...

I love the way you use "everyday" life to make art. These daily events that we take for granted are now recorded in both memory and print.

I can only say that it is inspiring to see your work and I can't wait to see how your vision and our life come together!

mineo said...

I love how you take "everyday" and make it phenomenal! You have a vision and it shows in all of your work.
The details are exquisite, yet it is comfortable and relaxed~ just how photos should be!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful captures of your beautiful boy! It's great seeing everyday life captured. These are the most important and the shots that will make you smile :)

Tina Marie

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